Founded in 2005 by professionals working in the biomedical field for over twenty five  years, Cover Srl  was established with the mission of introducing a highly competitive product on the market. The goal has been achieved thanks to our long-time experience in the ENT field, with the support of our most important customers, following their guidelines and suggestions for the best practical use.

Cover Srl develops, manufactures, and markets innovative disposable sheaths for flexible endoscopes. The sheaths are designed to improve endoscopic diagnostic activity and to reduce the risk of endoscopic cross-contamination. 

The sheaths by Cover Srl enhance departments’ productivity by increasing the number of procedures that can be done during the day, reducing the time required for the re-use of the instrument and the costs associated with its complex cleaning procedures. They also contribute to reducing the cost of instrument maintenance. 

The sheaths by Cover  are a sterile, disposable  protective coating, made of medical polyurethane, for flexible fiberscope. They are quickly and easily positioned on the instrument. The distal lens of the sheath is designed to perfectly fit the end of the fiberscope so that it can provide an excellent optical quality with no image distortion.

Cover Srl manufactures sheaths for the main brands and models of flexible endoscopes on the market. On request, Cover Srl can produce customized sheaths to meet specific needs and expectations of customers.